Spring Into Action...

September 10, 2017
spring into action

In the words of one of the greats - “ The sun is shinning, the weather is sweet, make you want to move, your dancing feet” - Bob Marley

Winter seems to finally be over and dark early mornings are a thing of the past.

Flowers are coming to bloom, the birds are definitely more chirpy and people are coming out of hibernation, ready to shed some skin.

This is the perfect time of the year to let go of the old and start anew.

Food, emotions and feelings all get released a lot less in the darker season. So with the light and a new season, comes the possibility to start fresh.

Here are some of my suggestions on how to remove the old, stagnant energy in the body, the mind and just in general from your life.

1. Start a 10 minute a day meditation session

What wonders a few minutes of tuning into your breath can do for your overall moral of the day. Just to sit in one place and focus on just you, is all you need. I would suggest you try a guided mediation at first. You can find these on Youtube or you even get apps these days. It is important to set intentions of the things you wish to let go off and the new things you would like to attract.

2. Try a gentle cleanse

Your body retains the food you eat more so in winter to keep warm, so you might notice that you are holding onto some extra weight this time of the year. I am no expert but according to loads of people that are. It is important to detox periodically. To me this does not mean we put our bodies through crazy 7 day liquid diet cleanses. Start small and think about eliminating one thing that no longer serves the body's needs. Do not see it as a restriction rather connect to it as being a healthier choice. A great way to start your day is by drinking a cup of warm lemon water to help the metabolism. Do a 7 day cleanse if that’s what resonates but dont punish yourself.

3. Try remove the scrolling from your day

We all know how addictive technology can be. We like to feel connected and often just turn to social media as a break or distraction during our busy day. But studies have shown due to the constant 'face-time' with this little device there is a major increase in depression and anxiety. We are unable to just look at the pretty picture without some sort of comparison. While this is not the root of all evil, at the best of times it does not serve your purpose. So just put it down.

Try minimize the time you pick up the phone. Have phone free zones and also phone time out's where you completely switch it off. I have now started leaving my phone in another room, making it harder to just reach for it. And there has been an improvement in staying present.

4. Put pen to paper

They say things are better out than in. Journalling is a great release. We tend to store so much in our bodies. Emotions, fears, interactions, experiences. Journalling is a way to empty out your mind and work through feelings I a intimate setting. Start by just writing a few thoughts down before you go to bed. Just little things that you want to let go of before you go to sleep.

5. Get on your mat

Yoga has been the key for me. Not every practice is great. Sometimes I just want to get off the mat, as my mood getting on wasn’t great or I couldn’t stick a pose that I really wanted to. But that in itself has been a great lesson. Teaching me different things, from self love to patience and perhaps even persistence. The lasting result of having a constant practice is what is needed.

Just as the mind holds on to things, so does the body. All of those things that we digest, have a tendency to sit in the hips and other body parts. It is so powerful to find release in those parts of the body to allow those things to shift. Try some slow, static poses to work a little deeper.

6. Purge it

We have a tendency to hold on to and accumulate physical things. But the more things we have, the more space it takes up in our mind. In my opinion, attachment to physical things is what is making the world a less than kind place. According to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras - the eight limbs of yoga, we must not give into the temptation to hoard material things. Yogis say that this is due to a fear in our own ability to provide for ourselves in the future.

So perhaps a little persuasion will be in order. Make it fun, get a friend or a family member to help you. There is no greater feeling than getting rid of things that take up space and energy. In the same breath the things you no longer keep can make another soul that has less very happy.

Set a date with yourself. Start making piles of things to get rid of. Quiet the voice that says “but what if” and let it go. Notice how cleansing it is to create more space in your closest and in your mind. We hold onto things for way longer than we should.

It might be a pair of pants that just dont fit or something ugly someone said to us. De-clutter that space and lets start fresh.


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