Muki Yoga Products

Our Muki Pro and Muki Elite ranges combine synthetic PU with natural rubber to create yoga mats that offer extraordinary traction and comfort for all traditional styles of yoga.

PU is highly absorbent, wicking moisture from your hands and feet, giving you all the support and confidence you need for your practice. The natural rubber base offers firm cushioning for maximum stability and aside from its eco-friendly properties also has inherent antibacterial properties. Additionally, the luxury PU material used on our Muki Elite mats has an interwoven antimicrobial layer, ensuring your mat stays hygienic and smelling fresh.

With a standard 680mm width and 1850mm length, Muki mats offer a larger than standard surface area for more comfort. Weighing in at around 3kg they offer a solid, stable foundation for yoga asana.

The Muki Pro is minimalist with subtle embossed branding while the Muki Elite has a full mat laser emboss for alignment assistance. Both mats can easily be rotated to minimize wear patterns and extend their lifespan.

Muki Pro

The original Muki Pu/Rubber yoga mat with subtly embossed branding. Designed to offer a minimalist practice surface and superb performance.

Colours - Black, Purple, Green, Blue.



The Muki Elite

Simply the best mat you can buy. The luxury PU has additional antimicrobial properties and enhanced durability while sporting a beautiful full mat laser emboss.

Colours - Black, Purple, Blue.


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