March 10, 2021

If you have ever been to a yoga class before, you would have probably heard the term "Grounding" or "Grounding down".

What does it actually mean though?

This could easily be an overlooked adjective used in passing but it is so much more than that.

To ground  is a tool used to anchor yourself in the present moment, to feel more centred within yourself. To physically feel the sensation of you weight on the earth, and to create a solid connection with your body and the surface beneath it.

Again these words could just be jargon on a page...until you lie with your back against the earth, or walk barefoot across unspoiled soil or green grass. Then only will you know what grounding or earthing is.

Learning to come back down to the earth pulls us into our physical experience of the here and now and helps us live in the moment.

We are living a fast paced life and in order to find balance and to sync with our natural circadian (sleep/ wake cycle) rhythms we need to get back in touch with the flow of nature, of the electrical current of this beautiful earth.

Feeling grounded is essential, not just physically but psychologically. All of us spend too much time in our heads . This causes energy to flow upward into the mind, which in turn creates more overwhelm, stress and anxiety.

In life there will always be distractions, noise, chaos but if we can stay grounded we will come back to the present moment, to ourselves each time.

Some things I do when feeling overwhelmed;

Lie with your back against the earth, this can be anywhere even if the outside(nature) is not accessible. Eyes open or closed. Become aware of the hard surface beneath you, the feel of the support no matter what rages around you. Take a few deep breaths and once everything stops spinning, sit up.

lie down

Take off your shoes, walk barefoot on the grass. Feel the soft texture of the earth caressing your feet. Walk in a line or in a circle. Try not to pace its more a slow mindful walk. Let the energy of the earth pull you down, out of your head and into your body, your heart.

lie down

Some days this is 5 minutes other days it could be half an hour.

Do what you need to, and be patient with yourself and the practice.


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