From Panic to Prana

May 29, 2017
from panic to prana

I heard someone compare life to a movie once.

The type of movie that starts off with something dramatic and you need to find out who is who and what just happened that led the characters to the specific situation they find themselves in.

That is exactly how my introduction to Yoga went...

Okay, well maybe not exactly the bullets flying or me speeding down the highway in an Aston Martin. But in my book it seemed something like that.

Stress, anxiety, temper tantrums, you name it I had it. Until I discovered the healing power of my own breath. Yes, yes I know how that sounds but I really am a walking testament that the healing and acceptance I have been searching for is within. I think most of us, if not all of us struggle with this nagging uncertainty at times in our lives.

Am I worth loving? Am I good enough? Do people like me? Will I always struggle this much ?Will I ever be accepted? Will my pain go away? Will I be successful? Will someone besides my parents ever love me? And the list can go on and on.

I am here to tell you that not only will that nagging uncertainty go away but with time, breath control and movement of your body and soul, that list starts shrinking until you see how silly that list was from the beginning.

My own breath has set me free. The beauty that is the ebb and flow of the breath allows you to connect with the deepest part of yourself. To be honest, I can easily become teary over this very sensitive topic and yes some might also think, who cares about your story. But this is not my story but our story. It would be a selfish decision to keep the power of breath and Yoga to oneself. It has changed my entire outlook on life and I would love to share the joy and the love that is Yoga.

I have recently graduated as a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and plan to spread the love and connection as far as I personally can.

I think the best tips I can give as someone that has only just stepped into this magical Yoga world is:

  • • Stay in the moment and dont over think it.

  • • Allow yourself to have those days where you kind of just want to drop the F-bomb.

  • • Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

  • • Speak your truth but always try to come from a place of love.

  • • Move your amazingly gifted body.

  • • Meditate and still your mind.

  • • Be grateful for EVERYTHING!

  • • Manifest your dreams as if they have already happened.

  • • And most importantly put a smile on that face and just have fun.

Look don't get me wrong. It is a daily practice and yes I still have lots of those days but I think what is important is how you react. I am always going to be who I am and I hope that you never change. I think it is just a case of being less reactive and becoming more responsive. Taking time to respond and allowing for empathy and love to enter the room.

New situations, thoughts and lessons arise every day.

But see them as such, as Teachers. Teachers that either mimic something in us that needs to change or shows us something in someone else that would allow us to love them more.

The practice that is Yoga is so sacred and beautiful that even if we only adopt a few of its principles and practices we will be well on our way to a healthier and happier Universe.

There are many, many different types of Yoga and I have only just started getting my feet wet.

So if you are open to it, go to different classes, with different flows, breathing techniques, principles and different teachers. Find what resonates with you. I know I do this often and I absolutely love all kinds of Yoga. You also dont need to get stuck on just one, you can incorporate many styles. Find your flow. You will not be disappointed.

It is important to also try have a home practice where even if you just do 15 minutes of stretching and meditation in the morning and evening if you can. If not, pick a time that suits your schedule. Just remember to arrive on your mat and connect with your breath, body, mind and soul.

As someone whose fear of rejection, failure and anxiety has ruled the greater part of my life, it feels victorious to be here.

Thank you for coming on this journey of self-discovery and love with me.

I appreciate you taking the time to be here with me. And I do hope that this piece encourages you to take that one step closers to giving Yoga a try. We all breath, and move so Yoga is for everyone.

May we share many, many moons and joys together.

Namaste Beauties.


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