Doing the work

“Each step forward in our practice is a step inward. To practice yoga, any intentional movement for that matter is to draw us ever closer to the truth. As we learn to relax into our truth, moment by moment, breath by breath, posture by posture, the need for pretence starts to fall away. “ - Rolf Gates

We tend to think all the answers are outside of ourselves. But they lie deep in our bones, in long lost memories of  innate, unwavering knowing. We have been shaped and prodded to fit a certain mould, and somewhere along the way we have lost our own knowledge of who we are. I myself know how it feels to be lost, to be closed off and asleep.

The intention is to live a more awakened life, to be aware of our patterns, habits and everyday reactions and thinking, so that we are able to make more empowered choices in how we live our lives.

This coming home; reclaiming and reshaping of one's life is at times gruelling, painful for that matter.
Sometimes you will have to fight for it. But if we could only realize that the work is to keep doing the work. In this way you keep yourself accountable for your own health and happiness. You are your own teacher.

Home is not something to hope for, but to cultivate.

Through the practice of integrating more mindfulness, meditation, body movement and a strong connection to your breath we are able to establish a deeper relationship to our innate presence, our spirit ~ and the essence of who we are.


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