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Elichia in Essence is an invitation to create sacred space in your life.

Through reflective stillness, intuitive yoga movement and intentional practices we replenish and reawaken to ourselves.

You see, we all have the capacity to make our lives as beautiful as we wish for it to be, we only need to be awake to the possibilities. Using the body as a tool to carve a clear channel of communication with our senses, our breath, our essence; we can make even the most mundane days sacred.


Time for a good cleanse

With the full moon approaching, it is the best time to cleanse your space for old stagnant energy; in the body, in the mind, and even in your closet or those cluttered surfaces. Read More

Just Take A Breath

This statement can sometimes be misleading. For most of us this is what breathing is...
An automated process that we hardly ever pay attention to, or even think about, until there is a hindrance that forces us to start taking our health more seriously. Read More


If you have ever been to a yoga class before, you would have probably heard the term "Grounding" or "Grounding down". What does it actually mean though? Read More

A Reclaiming of Self.

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Current Yoga Classes

  • The Wilds Estate

    Group yoga class every Wednesday evening 6-7 pm. Drop in or monthly payment available.

  • La Coco C Rooftop class

    Once a month weekend breakfast and yoga event. Dates updated each month.

  • The Hills Yoga class

    Once a month weekend outdoor yoga event. Dates updated each month.

  • Hike and Yoga

    Once a month weekend, pre-scouted, guided hikes with yoga and meditation in nature. Dates updated each month.



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